JAMS stands for Jaguar Academy of Martial Arts & Self Defense. It is an academy of Martial Arts which provides the training for Taekwondo Championships, and sums up with the training of self defense, yoga and fitness.

Formerly it is known as Berhampur Taekwondo Academy (BTA)


  • To provide the highest quality of instruction,
  • To empower students with valuable skills for daily life, and
  • To contribute to a safe and peaceful community


“JAMS” is an affiliated academy of Odisha Taekwondo Association (OTA) which has got affiliation from Odisha Olympic Association and Taekwondo Federation of India (TFI).

“JAMS” is the best place for the aspiring CHAMPIONS…Who works hard, dedicated, and consistent towards his/her goal and always tries to do more than yesterday and have an attitude of “Never give up” – who never quit even after the desired achievement. It stands for its disciplined and nurtured training provided to the students, which shines their present and enrich their future. Learning, expressing oneself, spreading the knowledge and the fruitful achievements is the unique way of our Academy. Preparing the students from the root level with clear knowledge is our duty and work. Our classes are taught both by our instructors and student instructors, and incorporate Taekwondo foundational work, such as basic kicks, blocks, and stances, competition forms (poomsae) and competition sparring (kyorugi).  In classes, we work on everything like cardio, flexibility, strength training, agility exercises, plyometrics, isometric, hand techniques, foot techniques, supervising and analysing student’s performance and more. Our training sessions are focused on both fitness and technical skills, with a variety of exercises designed to increase flexibility, improve stamina and enhance coordination, regardless of your skill level. We train in both sparring and poomsae (patterns), and there are many opportunities for members to take these skills to competitions throughout India. We provide a base learning and gaining knowledge over taekwondo. We never go for the quickness in learning, but concentrates towards the accuracy in practice and making a strong foundation of various Taekwondo skills. All the possible facilities are being provided according to the requirement of the students. Working for the enhancement of the students we nurtures them from the root level physically, psychologically and physiologically in different ways to spread the spirit and skill of Taekwondo. We also have all the high standard equipments for the safeguard of the students during sparring session. We provide group practicing which helps the students to practice well and correct their faults. Specific training has been inputted and it’s the result that from 2011 till present we had achieved many. Our equipment, from the kicking pads we use in class, to the uniforms and belts and sparring gear we wear, are the Internationally approved brand, latest and best. Along with the preparation for all the district, state and national Championship we also care for the health and fitness of the students. The instructors of “JAMS” have a combination of knowledge and experience inside the art of Taekwondo that provides you with the best training.

Our students regularly compete in local competitions, as well as State and National Competitions.  We regularly produce State Champions. This year we have produced a National Champion. For anyone who wants to reach the sky with their Taekwondo skills, our Academy has the ability to lead them there.  And for anyone who just wants to have fun, our classes attend to their desires, all the while building their skill.

                                                                      “You enter here as a Common People

                                                                                     But exist as Champions.”